PS3 Repairs in Hereford
Cheap PS3 Repairs in Hereford
Our technicians are trained to repair all faults with the PS3 including the Yellow Light of Death
We have couriers who cancollect your PS3 in Hereford and deliver it back to you when we have repaired it

PS3 Repairs in Hereford

Our PS3 repair centres in or near Hereford can fix most PS3 faults within 5 working days including the yellow light of death!

Our courier service can collect your PS3 from your home or work in Hereford and bring it to our dedicated repair service centre. Our collection and delivery service is free and is included in the repair cost with you PS3! It is fully insured and a next day delivery.

Complete your details in the form below with a brief description of the fault on your PS3, we will call you back usually within an hour (during business hours).

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Recent Enquiries :

Drive Is not reading any disks and will not eject in the vertical position. Instant call back : Luke - Coventry, West Midlands
hi its coming on but wont eject!! where in cardiff are you and how much? please, liiz : Oconnell - Cardiff, Glamorgan

Hereford PS3 Repairs

Our PS3 Repair centre in or near Hereford repair all types of problems and faults with PS3 consoles including the PS3 Slim. We are specialists in the Yellow Light of Death Fix, one of the most common and dreaded faults on the PS3

We have fully equipped workshops in or near Hereford and across the UK to help deal with your PS3 requests and repairs.

Below are some of the common issues and faults with the PS3 and PS3 slim that we can repair:

Yellow Light of Death fault

This is usually caused by the PS3 overheating so to help prevent getting this fault it is best to keep your PS3 in a well ventilated area.

The symptom of this is when you try to turn your PS3 on, your PS3 has a yellow flashing light on the front of the console and it may also turn red after flashing yellow.

You console will not play games or Blu Rays and will fail to load. This is the most common and major fault with the PS3.

You will have to book your PS3 in for repair if you want it to work properly again. This will save you lots of money as buying a new PS3 can be very costly.

No image displaying or sound from your PS3

This is usually either the graphics card or sound card that is broken or faulty as usually they wear out over time. Replacement cards can be fitted by our technicians.

If it is not the graphics or sound card then it may be that you just have a faulty lead that connects the PS3 to your TV and need a new one.

PS3 Blu Ray Laser issues and replacement

If your PS3 console is not reading games or Blu Rays and is just staying on the browser menu screen then your laser may be at fault.

First it is best to check a few games or Blu Rays and possibly check them in another working PS3 console. If they work in another console then your laser may is damaged and it's not the disks that are damaged.

We have replacement PS3 lasers in stock which our technicians can fit for you.

PS3 Crashing and Graphics issues

If your PS3 is always randomly crashing while playing games or you are getting strange shapes or weird problems with your picture these are symptoms that you have a PS3 Drive fault.

Other common graphic issues include glitching and freezing for short periods of time, distorted imagery and random triangular shapes and shadows appearing.

If any of the above faults are occurring with your PS3 then contact us and get it booked in for repair.

All you need to do is fill in the form and leave a brief note of your PS3 fault and we will contact you back to talk about getting your PS3 repaired in or near Hereford.

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